The Rælingen Sanglag

Rælingen Sanglag is the oldest choir in our community (Rælingen). We are about 25 singers to day, and we aim for good singing techniques and high musical quality.

Sanglaget is a choir with mainly a Capella singing. (No instruments) The repertory varies between classic music to church music, folk songs and pop music.

Rælingen Sanglag does travel abroad about every second year. The last travels have been to Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1999, Denmark in 2004, Sweden in 2005, England in 2006, Spain in 2008, Poland (Warsaw/Krakow) in 2010, Denmark (Bornholm) in 2013, and Estonia (Tallinn) in 2015.

Sanglaget has good traditions with socializing, but tries to keep the musical aspect in focus.

The choir’s rehearsals are on Mondays, in the parish house beside Rælingen church (One of our community churches). New members are welcome all year. Please contact board or board leader before your first rehearsal.

Rælingen Sanglag has been members in the central association of Norges Korforbund for the last 15 years. Before that we worked all stand alone, but had some cooperation with the local Church. Today we perform at service once or twice a year.


Rælingen Sanglag was settled the last winter of 2nd World War after an initiative from Ovar Sæther. Organist Bjørn Bjørklund became our first conductor, and we started out with about 65 members. A great part of the members finished off during the first years, but the number stabilized with around 35 members. Sanglaget was among the few local choirs that dared to perform larger musical works and newer music. In 1950 the choir performed “Guds rike” (The kingdom of God) by Ludvig Nilsen in the Church of Lillestrøm.

During the 1950’s the number dropped to around 20 singers, and the activity was significant reduced. The conductor 1954 - 1961 was Edgar Berglund. During the 1960’s the activity was limited to only a few annual appearances, and at the 1970’s it was more like a social club with only 15 singers.

Nevertheless the Choir managed to perform at every national day, the 17th of May, at Knut Torstensens stone monument, and at a few other occasions. The conductor 1961 - 1978 was Håkon Andersen from Fagforeningenes Mannskor (The labor union’s choir for men) in Lillestrøm. During 1978 - 1984 Torill Grimsby was the conductor, and the repertory was radically altered against newer music for entertainment. The number of singers increased then to about 25.

The Choir’s biggest change happened under the conduction of Birgit Gudim 1984 - 1994. The number of singers increased to about 40, and there where practiced determined with singing technique. Sanglaget changed from a pure local choir during this period to a choir with interests from both Strømmen and Lillestrøm. Under conduction of Randi Nesbø 1995 - 2000, Kari N. Bernhoft 2000 - 2008, Ingrid Dominique 2008 – 2015, and now with our conductor from 2016, the choir has continued the focus on a Capella singing. Our objective is to stay as a medium size choir (30-40 singers) with medium to high musical quality, speaking of neither top division quality nor neighborhood choir quality.

Additional information:

“Sanglag” = Team of singers
Norges korforbund” = One of the two large
Norwegian central associations of Choirs.
Lillestrøm”= Our nearest city. Only a few minutes away.
Strømmen” = Our nearest village. Only a few minutes away.
“Knut Torsteinsens stone monument” = A monument raised as memorial of the first and only person from our community that was killed in action during the second world war. We meet at his monument every national day to praise our freedom, to remember that freedom is nothing to take for granted, that we might sacrifice a lot, and even our lives to preserve the freedom of the Norwegian people